Big Blade Covers: The Perfect Solution for Large Heat Pumps

Coperture Big Blade: la Soluzione Perfetta per le Pompe di Calore di Grandi Dimensioni

Large heat pumps are crucial for efficiently heating and cooling buildings. However, to ensure their optimal performance and longevity, it's essential to protect them from the elements. That's why we are excited to introduce the new Big Blade Covers, specifically designed to meet the needs of your large heat pumps.

New Sizes for a Perfect Fit

The Big Blade Covers have been developed with careful consideration of the dimensions of large heat pumps. This means you can now find a cover that fits your specific model perfectly. We offer various size options to ensure that your heat pump is fully shielded from rain, snow, wind, and sun.

Three Versions to Suit Your Installation

We understand that every installation is unique, which is why the Big Blade Covers are available in three different versions:

  1. Wall Mounting: If your heat pump is installed directly on the wall, this option is perfect for you. The wall-mounted cover seamlessly integrates with your existing setup.

  2. Floor Mounting Next to the Wall: If your heat pump is positioned on the floor next to the wall, you can choose this version. It comes with two adjustable legs that elevate the cover for optimal protection.

  3. Independent Floor Mounting: If your heat pump is far from the wall, this option is the right choice. It includes a rear panel and four adjustable legs to ensure stability and protection for your heat pump, even in more open environments.

Ready for Installation, Complete with Accessories

The Big Blade Covers are delivered already assembled and complete with all the necessary accessories. Depending on the chosen version, you will receive adjustable legs or the rear panel along with the cover itself. This means you are ready for installation without having to search for or purchase additional components.

Shipped on Pallets for Stress-Free Installation

To make the installation even more straightforward, the Big Blade Covers are shipped on pallets. This ensures that the cover arrives in perfect condition and is ready to be positioned. No complicated assemblies or endless waits to obtain all the necessary components.

Protect your large heat pumps with Big Blade Covers and ensure they continue to operate reliably and for the long term. Choose the size and mounting version that best suits your needs and keep your heat pump safe from any weather conditions.

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