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Welcome to Box Air Klima, your trusted provider of premium air conditioner covers, heat pump covers, and protection solutions for auto charging systems and solar panel installations. Our high-quality products, including air conditioner covers, heat pump covers, and air conditioning unit covers, are designed to offer superior protection and enhance the performance of your systems. Crafted with durable composite aluminium, our covers provide reliable defense against external elements, ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Choose Box Air Klima for top-notch air conditioner covers, heat pump covers, and more, made with precision and attention to detail. Safeguard your systems with our composite aluminium covers and experience enhanced functionality and aesthetics.


Envelopes the component and enhances the façade


Protects against sun, weather and shocks


Reduces engine and rain noise


Available in bespoke colours or to be painted on site


Easy assembly and installation

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Discover your perfect size: our size guide for outdoor air conditioning unit covers.

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AriaNOVA: Rivoluzione nelle Coperture per Pompe di Calore

"AriaNOVA": The Next Generation in Heat Pump Covers

The "AriaNOVA" series by Box Air Klima introduces a revolutionary range of heat pump covers that combine modern design, advanced functionality, and maximum protection. With "AriaNOVA", your heat pu...

Il sistema  "EffiCent" da Box Air Klima

EffiCent: The Revolution in Air Conditioning Covers

With "EffiCent", Box Air Klima introduces a revolutionary solution that changes the way we think about air conditioning covers. This system proves that it is possible to combine energy efficiency, ...

La  Cover  Cyber per Wallbox protezione dal design unico

The Revolution of the Cyber Model Cover for Wallboxes

The "Cyber Model Cover for Wallboxes" represents an innovative and secure solution for all electric vehicle owners. With its unique combination of high-quality materials, modern design, and advance...

Coperture Big Blade: la Soluzione Perfetta per le Pompe di Calore di Grandi Dimensioni

Big Blade Covers: The Perfect Solution for Large Heat Pumps

Large heat pumps are crucial for efficiently heating and cooling buildings. However, to ensure their optimal performance and longevity, it's essential to protect them from the elements. That's why ...

Scegli la Cover Giusta per la Tua Pompa di Calore Rotex: Guida Completa

Choose the Right Cover for Your Rotex Heat Pump: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a Rotex heat pump, you are one of the fortunate owners of one of the most reliable and innovative heating devices on the market. In 2020, ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH was acquired by Daiki...

Per gli Installatori: Una Copertura Facile da Modificare, per Situazioni Impossibili

For Installers: An Easily Adaptable Cover for Challenging Situations

In the world of heat pump installation, there are situations that can challenge even the most seasoned professionals. Recently, we encountered one of these challenges, but with the help of Box Air ...


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