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Wallbox CoverWallbox Cover
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Your ideal wallbox home

Beauty and freedom

Wallbox Stand

The freedom to place your charging station wherever you want, the convenience of not being constrained by walls, the convenience of not having to drill holes and installations in the walls of your home.

With its beautiful design and the safety of the aluminium composite arch protecting the charging station, Wallbox Stand is the solution you have been looking for for your electric car.

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Wallbox Cover

The ideal protection for already installed charging stations, Wallbox Cover from Box Air Klima is easily installed on the wall without touching the existing system.

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Product Specifications

Find the right charging station for you and your wallbox


On the wall

On the wall

On the floor


Do it yourself

Professional installer

Professional installer

Wallbox Mounting

Pre-installed on wall

Mounting kit included

Mounting kit included

Weather protection

The wallbox placed outside your home is constantly exposed to the vagaries of the weather. Sun and rain can reduce the efficiency of charging and shorten the life of the wallbox. Hail can damage it irreparably. Snow and ice make charging operations difficult, when they do not prevent them altogether.

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Finding your wallbox and charging cable covered in snow is not only unpleasant.

The ice formation can block the socket, which makes charging impossible.




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