External air conditioner cover

Protection for the outdoor unit of the split air conditioner or heat pump.

Cover Clima System is a complete heat pump cover system, offering aesthetic variants for every taste and situation and a complete variety of accessories to suit every installation.

Not just beautiful

Cover Clima is the innovative and reliable solution for protecting air conditioner outdoor units and heat pumps. A complete system, available in four different designs and various colours and sizes, which can be perfectly adapted to different installations.

The unique design, registered and protected with the EUIPO, is combined with the robustness of the aluminium composite and stainless steel construction. Unlike cheaper sheet metal covers on the market, the Cover Clima System guarantees higher quality, effectively insulating from the sun and reducing noise caused by driving rain.


Superior Protection and Optimal Comfort

Cover Clima System offers many advantages. Thanks to their aluminum composite construction, the covers are extremely strong and durable, protecting the outdoor units from damage caused by weather, such as rain, wind, sun and hail. In addition, the insulation material used helps maintain an optimal temperature inside the unit, improving the overall energy efficiency of the air conditioning system. Thanks to this, superior comfort can be enjoyed within the air-conditioned environment, minimizing unwanted heat or cold loss.

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Solutions for Every Installation Requirement

The versatility of the Cover Clima System is another of its strengths. Thanks to the wide range of models available, it is possible to find the perfect cover for every type of outdoor unit, regardless of its size and specific characteristics. The use of accessories such as back panels and adjustable feet makes it easy to adapt the system to different installation configurations, guaranteeing perfect integration with the surrounding environment even when the unit is not attached to the wall. Should there be a need to overlap several covers, a special kit is also available to provide complete and uniform protection. The Cover Clima System adapts to your needs, offering versatile solutions for any scenario.


Easy Installation and Clear Instructions

Easy installation is another great advantage of the Cover Clima System. Covers are shipped in kits complete with clear and detailed assembly instructions that guide step-by-step assembly. Even for those who are not experts in the field, installation is quick and easy, without the need for special skills. Thanks to this ease of use, you can quickly and simply enjoy the benefits offered by the Cover Clima System.

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Cover Clima Curve Copper

Even more exclusive: customise the colour of your case

Special colours on demand

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Copricondizionatori per climatizzatori e pompe di calore, abdeckung per klimaanlagen und warmepumpe, cache climatitation, cover for heat pumps #colore_ral 9010Copricondizionatori per climatizzatori e pompe di calore, abdeckung per klimaanlagen und warmepumpe, cache climatitation, cover for heat pumps #colore_ral 7016
Cover Clima Blade Sale priceFrom €347,50
Curve: Copri condizionatore e Pompe di CaloreCurve: Copri condizionatore e Pompe di Calore
Cover Clima BirdCover Clima Bird
Cover Clima Bird Sale priceFrom €369,50
Cover Clima ProvenceCover Clima Provence
Cover Clima Provence Sale priceFrom €369,50
Piedini regolabili Cover ClimaPiedini regolabili Cover Clima
Piedini regolabili Cover Clima Sale priceFrom €44,00
Pannello Posteriore CurvePannello Posteriore Curve
Pannello Posteriore Curve Sale priceFrom €122,00
Pannello Posteriore BladePannello Posteriore Blade
Pannello Posteriore Blade Sale priceFrom €122,00
Kit Doppia Altezza
Kit Doppia Altezza Sale price€50,00
copertura condizionatore esterno hi-fiabdeckung klimaanlagen hi-fi
Cover Clima Hi-Fi Sale priceFrom €656,00

Hi-Fi Cover

An even more exclusive product: Hi-Fi is the unique cover for those who want a design out of the box!

PLEASE NOTE: not compatible with Cover Clima accessories

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