"AriaNOVA": The Next Generation in Heat Pump Covers

AriaNOVA: Rivoluzione nelle Coperture per Pompe di Calore

Introducing "AriaNOVA": The Next Generation in Heat Pump Covers

Discover "AriaNOVA" by Box Air Klima, the latest breakthrough in heat pump cover technology. This new series is designed to offer unparalleled protection combined with a cutting-edge aesthetic for medium and large heat pumps. "AriaNOVA" represents the perfect blend of functionality, design, and advanced technology, harmoniously fitting into any architectural context and garden.

Innovative and Harmonious Design 

The "AriaNOVA" heat pump covers stand out for their soft, harmonious design, making them ideal for integration into any outdoor setting. The rounded structure, enhanced with modern stainless steel inserts, elevates the aesthetic level of the covers, turning them into a true decorative element for your outdoor space.

Advanced Structural Features 

Durability meets style in the supporting structure of "AriaNOVA", constructed with a stainless steel frame and painted composite aluminum panels. The top cover, customizable in high-pressure laminate (HPL) or composite aluminum according to customer preferences, ensures durability and weather resistance.

Maximum Functionality for Maintenance 

"AriaNOVA" is engineered with functionality in mind. Featuring Box Air Klima's "EffiCent" system, these heat pump covers enhance the efficiency of your heat pump while ensuring easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The panels can be easily removed, facilitating maintenance operations without compromising on safety or aesthetics.

Easy and Secure Installation 

The "AriaNOVA" series is designed for quick and secure assembly, with the option to be anchored to the ground or floor on a solid support. This ensures stability and long-lasting durability, protecting your heat pump in all weather conditions.

Why Choose "AriaNOVA"? 

Opting for "AriaNOVA" means selecting a solution that embraces efficiency, design, and advanced protection for your heat pump. The "AriaNOVA" heat pump covers set a new industry standard in terms of heat pump protection, combining innovative technology with an exclusive design that enhances the performance of heat pumps while seamlessly blending into your outdoor area.

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