For Installers: An Easily Adaptable Cover for Challenging Situations

Per gli Installatori: Una Copertura Facile da Modificare, per Situazioni Impossibili

In the world of heat pump installation, there are situations that can challenge even the most seasoned professionals. Recently, we encountered one of these challenges, but with the help of Box Air Klima covers, we demonstrated that even the most complex situations can be efficiently managed.


Our latest installation involved a heat pump that was experiencing some issues during hot summer days. Overheating had become a problem, impacting not only the system's efficiency but also the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. The owner wanted a solution that would protect the unit, enhance efficiency, and add a touch of elegance to the installation.

The main problem we faced was the placement of the heat pump. It was prominently installed in front of a large window, making it challenging to secure any type of cover. Furthermore, it was supported by extremely bulky and robust brackets, which, while providing solid support, were aesthetically unappealing. To further complicate matters, a pipeline passed right behind the unit, necessitating custom installation work.

The solution came from Box Air Klima covers. Our covers are made of composite aluminum, a material that is much easier to work with and modify compared to simple sheet metal, while maintaining considerable rigidity. This feature allowed us to adapt the cover to the specific needs of this complex installation.


The installer strategically cut slots in the cover to allow the existing brackets to pass through them and accommodate the pipeline. In a traditional sheet metal cover, such modifications would compromise the structure's rigidity, requiring the addition of parts, welding, and corrosion protection treatments. With Box Air Klima covers, once the necessary cuts were made, the cover was ready to be mounted on the wall.

The model chosen for this installation was the Cover Clima HiFi in the 120x59cm, height 104cm version. This cover offers a unique and modern design that elegantly envelops the unit. It's important to note that this larger-sized cover is available only through special order, so if you have a similar project, don't hesitate to contact Box Air Klima to discuss your specific needs.

before and after

In conclusion, this installation demonstrated that even the most challenging situations can be successfully managed with Box Air Klima covers. Their flexibility, combined with a modern and elegant design, makes them the ideal choice to protect and enhance any heat pump installation.

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