New XL and XXL Sizes for Large Heat Pumps

Nuove Misure XL e XXL per Pompe di Calore di Grandi Dimensioni

We are thrilled to announce the addition of new XL and XXL sizes to our renowned Cover Clima Blade! This incredible cover has been specially designed to fit large heat pumps, with a width of up to 130cm, height of up to 122cm, and depth of up to 74cm. Finally, owners of more substantial heat pumps can enjoy the numerous benefits offered by the Cover Clima Blade.

Composite Aluminum: The Best Choice

One of the distinctive features of our Cover Clima Blade is the construction material: composite aluminum. Unlike simple sheet metal, composite aluminum offers exceptional resistance to weather elements, corrosion, and impacts. This means that your heat pump will be protected from any weather condition and will maintain its elegance over time.

Adaptable Design for Every Installation

The intelligent design of the Cover Clima Blade has been thoughtfully created to adapt to any type of installation. Whether your heat pump is placed near a wall, at an angle, or in a tight space, our Blade will fit perfectly, providing optimal protection without compromising the aesthetics of the surrounding area.

Stainless Steel Hardware: Strength and Durability

To ensure maximum strength and durability of the Cover Clima Blade, we have chosen to use only stainless steel hardware. This material resists the wear of time and weather, ensuring that your Cover Clima remains stable and robust for a long time.

Easy and Quick Installation

We have made the installation of the Cover Clima Blade a breeze. Clear and detailed instructions will guide you step by step, allowing you to assemble the cover in no time. No complicated tools or special skills are required – all you need is a bit of time and patience.

Protect Your Heat Pump with Style

The Cover Clima Blade not only protects your heat pump from weather and damage but does so with style. Its elegant and modern design blends perfectly with any environment, adding a touch of class to the outdoor space. Your heat pump will no longer be a mere functional element but an aesthetic piece that harmoniously integrates into your surroundings.

Choose the Best Protection for Your Heat Pump

With the new XL and XXL sizes of the Cover Clima Blade, you no longer have to worry about the dimensions of your heat pump. Protect it with style and reliability, thanks to the composite aluminum, adaptable design, and stainless steel hardware. Offer your outdoor spaces the best protection solution with our Cover Clima Blade.

To discover all available sizes and for more information, visit our dedicated page for the Cover Clima Blade. The perfect protection for your heat pump awaits!

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