Guide to Choosing the Perfect Cover for Daikin Air Conditioner Outdoor Units

Guida alla scelta della copertura ideale per i condizionatori Daikin

If you own a Daikin air conditioner and want to protect your outdoor unit, you've made the right choice. But how can you find the perfect cover for your specific model? In this guide, we will help you select the ideal cover for Daikin air conditioner outdoor units, taking into account some important facts. It's important to note that this guide is indicative, as installations may have brackets, pipes, or other elements that can alter standard measurements. We recommend consulting our "Size Guide" page for detailed information. Let's get started!

Compatible Models:

For the 2MXM40M and 2MXM50M models, we have several cover options available. You can choose from our Clima Blade, Curve, Bird, and Provence covers in size M. These covers provide a perfect fit to protect your Daikin air conditioner outdoor unit.

For all other models, including the newer ones, it is advisable to use the Clima Blade, Curve, Provence, or Bird covers in size L. This ensures proper coverage and complete protection for the outdoor unit.

Considerations for Older Models:

If you have an older model, we recommend using our "Size Guide" page to find the suitable cover. Here, you will find detailed information on measurements and recommended covers for older models. By following the guide, you can easily choose the right cover for your Daikin outdoor unit.


Choosing the right cover for your Daikin outdoor unit is crucial to ensure its protection and extend its lifespan. Remember to consider the specific measurements of your model, and if necessary, consult our size guide for detailed information. We are here to help you find the perfect cover for your Daikin air conditioner, regardless of the model you own.

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