24 months on our range of products (12 months if invoiced to companies with a VAT number, as per current regulations).
A regular invoice is issued for each product to be kept for warranty purposes. It is sent as an email attachment to your registered email address on the day we ship. Please open the attachment, print it and keep it.
Our warranty methods specified below are in compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005 - articles 128 et seq.).

The current consumer protection regulations governing the warranty provide for the replacement with a new one for the product affected by a manufacturing defect or, alternatively, the state-of-the-art repair if the replacement is excessively burdensome for the seller.

How to replace the product under warranty

We carry out the replacement if the product is new and never used (and therefore the malfunction occurs upon receipt), proceeding as follows:
- the first checks are carried out via telephone assistance support or by e-mail, the main problems, the less complex ones, are often resolved through the simple telephone support provided by our specialized technician, who explains and solves the most common errors committed in the assembly or commissioning of the product.
- in the event of a negative outcome of the aforementioned, the product is collected by sending our courier at our expense;
- upon receipt, the product and the existence of the problem are checked to ensure that it is not due to incorrect assembly or incorrect operation;
-send the replacement product at our expense.
The replacement product always comes after the withdrawal of the one reported to be defective, without exception.

Guarantee request procedure in case of payment with PAYPAL

If the customer has paid for the purchase of the product with the PayPal method and no more than 6 months have elapsed from the payment, the request procedure will be more elaborate, and to activate a guarantee request, the consumer will have to open a "dispute" in your PayPal account, where you will specify the problems that occurred to the product (attaching photos or other material if the type of problem required it), specifying the request for an intervention under warranty to the seller.
We will then proceed with the withdrawal of the product for the provision of the warranty service, for the replacement of the product according to the two methods described in the above chapters.
On the other hand, after 6 months from payment (and within the 2-year term of the law), the guarantee disbursement methods will return to the standard ones explained in the previous chapters.


Warranty Exclusions:

    • Product commissioning operations at the point of sale or on site
    • Problems arising from assembly or commissioning that do not comply with the user manual
    • Periodic preventive maintenance operations, as defined in the user manual -
    • Problems related to the use of lubricant not compliant with the user manual
    • Replacement of materials and parts subject to wear (gaskets, adhesives, plexiglass)
    • Problems related to use in abnormal or excessive conditions compared to what is provided in the user manual
    • Problems related to non-compliance with the maintenance conditions defined in the user manual
    • Repairs resulting from an accident, mishandling or neglect
    • Any compensation, reimbursement of installation or repair costs by an unauthorized repairer in the event of damage to the product

In conclusion, our constant effort is to be able to provide assistance in the shortest possible time and in the ways that guarantee the highest degree of customer satisfaction, trying to satisfy requests, in full compliance and within the limits of the laws in force. to protect the consumer in terms of warranty and assistance.

Remembering that we are among the very few on the web to be manufacturers of covers and garages for robotic lawnmowers and to be able to proceed with our technicians to any type of repair and after-sales assistance, when, on the other hand, the majority of companies in the online world , it only sells.

AND A FINAL RECOMMENDATION: We always suggest a careful reading of the instruction manual attached to the products before use. In fact, many problems among those reported are often caused by inexperience in the use of the object due to non-compliance with the instructions given in the manual (this specific circumstance is not covered by the warranty).